Pocket Change

E-Money / Vouchers

How can I redeem a code of WeChat Pay?

Please find the details here.

How can I use the vouchers?

Please find the details on our voucher profile.

Does the service work with WeChat Pay’s wallet function?

No. We do not have the capability or authority to use this service.

Is it possible to exchange cash into Rakuten’s Super Points?

No, but you can top-up your Rakuten Edy card (cards with the logo below)

Does your service support any type of WAON card?

Yes, but only WAON cards that allow cash deposit. WAON Point Cards are not supported.

Do you plan to support other electronic money / vouchers?

Yes. We are constantly acquiring new partners, services, and programs to offer in our machines.

In order to stay up to date please check back on our website, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates and announcements.





If you add it to the Apple Wallet, you can receive push notifications with coupons that you can use immediately at the installation location as you approach the kiosks. Please Register Now!