Pocket Change

Point.1 Many Options of Eelectronic Money / Voucher

Exchange surplus JPY into popular electronic money / voucher of your home country,
or of course you can exchange the currency of your region into electronic money / voucher of Japan.

Point.2 Quick & Easy

No need of typing your name or email address.
Each transaction takes less than a few minutes.

Point.3 Safe & Secure

No need of your personal information for a transaction. So no fear of information leakage.

Step 1.

Choose an E-Money / Voucher

Tap to choose which E-Money / Voucher to get. Profiles of your choise including min. / max. limits e.t.c. are indicated on the screen.

Step 2.

Insert Foreign Cash

Insert your bills and coins on prompted. The kiosk counts cash of multiple currencies at once. Coins can be inserted in bulk. You can return or donate unacceptable coins.


Confirm and Finish

Confirm the exchanged amount of the electronic money / voucher of your choise. You may check the exchange rate here. If you choose an e-money deposited to a IC card, simply touch your card to the device and the amount is added. Otherwise the instructions and redemption code is printed on a receipt.



If you add it to the Apple Wallet, you can receive push notifications with coupons that you can use immediately at the installation location as you approach the kiosks. Please Register Now!