Pocket Change

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(日本語) WeChatの受け取り方法が分かりません

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語 and English.

How can I use the vouchers?

Find the details in the voucher profile.

Does it activate WeChat Pay wallet?

No. We're not capable nor entiled to do that.

Does it exchange cash into Rakuten Super Point?

No, you can top-up to Rakute Edy card with the logo bellow.

Does it support any type of WAON card?

You must have a WAON card you can deposit cash.
WAON Point Card is not supported.

Do you plan to support other electronic money / vouchers?

Yes, we're woriking hard for it.

We'll keep you informed via this web site, Facebook, Twitter.
Please keep notices.




If you add it to the Apple Wallet, you can receive push notifications with coupons that you can use immediately at the installation location as you approach the kiosks. Please Register Now!