Pocket Change

Pocket Change Inc. engages in company-wide information security based on the following policy.

We will manage appropreately our information security management system so that we can protect our information assets, such as personal data and payment-related information, entrusted to us by our customers and other stakeholders from accidents, disasters, crimes, and other threats, achieve a secure and free new value exchange and payment experience by quickly adapting to changes and innovations in information technology, and fulfill the trust of customers and society.

1. Leadership of Management

We strive to improve and enhance information security systematically and continuously under the leadership of our management.

2. Maintenance of internal systems

We set up an internal system to maintain and improve information security, and establish information security measures as official internal rules.

3. Efforts by employees

We continuously educate our employees so that they can acquire the knowledge and skills required for information security, and ensure that they are committed to information security.

4. Compliance with laws and contractual requirements

We comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations related to information security, and meet the expectations of our customers.

5. Response to violations and accidents

In the event of a violation of laws, regulations, contracts, or accidents related to information security, we take appropriate action to prevent recurrence.

Date of enactment: February 26th, 2021

Pocket Change Inc.

CEO Shin Aoyama




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