Pocket Change


Which currency denominations will your machines accept coins for?

We currently accept coins of 5 of our offered currencies.
Please find more details here.

Unacceptable or unrecognizable coins will be counted as “unknown. You can either choose to return them, or
donate them after your transaction is complete.

- Some of our currencies only accept bills (no coins)
- Some denominations will be considered unacceptable even if they are of an accepted currency.
- Dirty or deformed coins/money may be unacceptable.

For which currencies are bills (paper money) acceptable?

We currently accept bills of all 10 offered currencies.
Find more details here.

Note: There are instances where older, less common, or currency of lower denominations may be unacceptable
even if that currency type is accepted at our machine. This is particularly true with HKD. We will only accept major denominations.

Do you plan to accept other currencies?

Yes, we’re working hard to increase the number currencies we offer. Please check our web-site, Facebook, and Twitter for announcements like new partners, currencies, and locations.


What happens if I deposit unacceptable coins into the kiosk?

Unacceptable coins are counted as “unknown”. They can either be returned or donated at the end of your transaction.

What happens if I deposit unacceptable bills into the kiosk?

Unacceptable bills are returned immediately after being inserted.




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