Pocket Change

Article 1. General Provisions

1. These Global Terms of Use and Supplementary Terms of Use (collectively, these "Terms") set out the matters that you (as defined in Article 2(3) below) must comply with in relation with the Service (as defined in Article 2(1)1 below) operated by Pocket Change Inc. ("Pocket Change", "we", "us", "our" or any other similar pronouns) and the relationship between you and us.
2. You hereby agree, with respect to the use of the Service, that your information which is registered or submitted hereunder or which we learn in the course of the use of the Service shall be handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" separately provided.
3. By using the Service, accessing our website, or using any service that we provide through mobile terminals and other media (collectively, "All Services"), you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms. Further, we may revise these Terms, etc. without prior notice to you, and after such revision, the revised Terms, etc. shall apply. If you use the Service after the revision of these Terms, etc., you will be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms, etc.
4. We may entrust to any third party all or a part of our service in connection with the Services and all or a part of our rights and obligations under the Terms may, in our discretion, be transferred or assigned to the third party or exercised or borne by the third party.

Article 2. Definition

For the purpose of these Terms, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:
(1) "Service" shall mean our service provided on a Terminal installed in an airport or building facility that mediates a Transaction between an Issuer and you.
(2) "Issuer" shall mean a person that issues to you consideration of the money you insert into a Terminal in a Transaction, or the person who receives such money as a donation.
(3) "you" shall mean a person as a user of the Service.
(4) "Terminal" shall mean a kiosk terminal (information terminal) equipment that carries out Transactions.
(5) "Transaction" shall mean a transaction in which you insert money (bills or coins) that you possess into a Terminal, and after the fee set by us has been deducted, consideration for such money is deposited into your e-wallet account, prepaid card, gift card, mileage account, or donation account, etc. provided by the relevant Issuer.

Article 3. Our Position in a Transaction

We provide the system for you to carry out Transactions, and through such system provide opportunities for Issuers and you to carry out Transactions. However, we merely carry out Transactions through Terminals on behalf of Issuers, and are not involved in the details of any transaction that takes place between an Issuer and you; provided, however, that we purchase Amazon gift coupons from the Issuer thereof and resell the same to you as seller at our own responsibility, and therefore, we do not perform any Transactions on behalf of the Issuer of Amazon gift coupons in any sense. The Issuer of Amazon gift coupons makes no warranties whether express or implied or statutory with regard to, nor will it be involved in, the details of any transaction that takes place between us and you. Further, conversion of foreign currency cash into transportation e-money and the setting of exchange rates are services provided by us, and not on behalf of any provider of a transportation e-money service.

Article 4. Services Provided

1. We authorize you to use All Services non-exclusively under these Terms. We may update or change the Service and our website from time to time without notice.
2. The Service may be used only by those who are above the age of 20 or those who have obtained the consent of their statutory representatives. Those who are not permitted to enter into an agreement legally binding him/herself under the applicable laws may not use the Service.
3. The Service may not be used for any purpose that is in violation of any laws or regulations or any other purpose than those allowed under these Terms (including any other relevant terms and conditions we have published).
4. The Service may not be utilized for commercial purpose or for any use for the benefit of a third party.
5. For use of the Service, it is not allowed for you to impersonate any third party whether he/she actually exists or provide for us any inaccurate information with respect to your identity, credentials, affiliations or intentions.
6. It is not allowed for you to automatically retrieve information from the Service or automatically register any information to the Service using software or any other machines.
7. The Service may be suspended when applicable law or regulation is changed by the regulatory authority or any agency having legal authority in the area where the Service is provided, or if demanded by any Issuer.
8. When using the Service, you agree that you use the Service at your own responsibility, and we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any service that you find unpleasant or undesirable. You agree to not use the Service in any way whatsoever that is not permitted.
9. When using the Service, you will use the Service through your own free choice and will be responsible for your own compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We may change, suspend, or terminate the Service at any time without notice, and have the right to prohibit your use of the Service. We shall not be liable for the termination or the prohibition of use of the Service under any circumstances. Additionally, we may restrict use of or access to the Service without notice and, in such case as well, we shall bear no liability.
10. You may provide a link from your website to this website as long as it is done in a fair and legitimate manner that will not damage or utilize our reputation. When no partnership, approval, or recommendation exists, you may not provide a link in a manner suggesting that such exists. This website may not be incorporated into any other website. We may, at any time, at our own discretion, withdraw our permission to link to this website.
11. When using the Service, for the money inserted by you into a Terminal in relation to a Transaction, upon collecting a handling fee, we will deposit with an Issuer consideration as indicated on the Terminal. If you choose to make a donation, the currency of the money inserted by you and the currency of the money deposited to the Issuer may differ.
12. When using the Service, you may be asked to complete procedures separately indicated on a Terminal in order to receive consideration under a Transaction. In such case, we shall not be responsible if you are unable to receive consideration due to (i) your failure to promptly complete the procedures for receiving consideration, or (ii) your loss of any receipts, etc. issued in the Service which are necessary for receiving consideration.

Article 5. Disclaimer

You will use the Service including this website at your own responsibility, and expressly confirm and acknowledge that you will be responsible for the satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy, and efforts. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, the Service will be provided on an as-is basis with all errors and no warranties, and we hereby disclaim any warranties with respect to the Service whether express, implied, or statutory (including without limitation, implied warranties as to its merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, quiet enjoyment, and non-infringement of any third party rights). We make no warranties that your use of the Service will not be interfered with, that the Service will not be interrupted or contain errors, or that defects will be remedied. Neither notice nor advice by us, whether oral or written, constitutes a warranty.

Article 6. Limitation of Liability

To the extent not prohibited by any law or regulation, we shall not be liable for any personal injury, incidental damage, special damage, indirect damage, or consequential damage (including without limitation, loss of profit, loss of data, interruption of business operation or any other commercial damage or loss), arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use the Service, regardless of how it has occurred or the legal basis of damages (whether based on contract, tort, or otherwise), or even if we have been advised of the possibility of the occurrence thereof. Even in the case where we are liable for damages to you due to the application of the Consumer Contract Act or otherwise, regardless of this Article 6 or any other provisions exempting us from damages, the scope of our liability for damages shall be limited to direct and ordinary damage that actually occurred due to a cause attributable to us, and up to the amount you have inserted into a Terminal when using the Service.

Article 7. Refunds

1. If a Transaction is completed normally, even if there is an error in charging by a Terminal, as a rule, we will not accept a request for a refund.
2. If you cancel a Transaction on a Terminal before completion, but after inserting coins, such coins will be refunded. However, since any bills once received by a Terminal cannot be refunded for a technical reason, even if a Transaction is cancelled before completion, if you have given consent on a Terminal, no refund will be made.
3. If we reasonably determine that (i) you are trying to unfairly use these provisions regarding refunds, such as repeatedly making requests for refunds for the same product or function, (ii) you are in breach of these Terms, or (iii) you are using our product illicitly or it is reasonably suspected that your account is being illicitly used by a third party, then we have the right to refuse such requests for refunds. These provisions regarding refunds shall not limit your statutory right to file a claim.

Article 8. Intellectual Property Rights

1. The Service including this website (including the contents and information contained therein) and any copies thereof are protected by laws, regulations, and treaties regarding copyrights and any other intellectual property rights. Any ownership, copyright, or any other intellectual property rights in this website and the Service, as well as any copies, alterations and derivative works thereof, and the basic software (including feedback from users) are held by us or the person who has licensed the same to us. Your use of the Service shall not grant any right or license to you.
2. We respect intellectual property rights of others and require that you as a user of this website and the Service also respect the same. If you believe that any material accessible in or from the Service infringes on any of your copyrights, you may contact our designated representative for copyright and request the removal of such material (or elimination of access to such material).

Article 9. Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

We shall have no dealings with any organized crime group, organized crime group affiliated enterprise or organization or any similar antisocial force (hereinafter, "Antisocial Force") and any constituent member or related party of an Antisocial Force ("Constituent Member, etc."), and refuse any use of the Service by an Antisocial Force or a Constituent Member, etc. For this purpose, you shall use the Service upon representing and warranting that you are not an Antisocial Force or a Constituent Member, etc. If we determine that you are an Antisocial Force or a Constituent Member, etc., or you perform a Transaction indicating that you are an Antisocial Force, we shall take preventive measures such as discontinuation or invalidation of transactions.

Article 10. Jurisdiction

These Terms and your use of the Service shall, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, be governed by the laws of Japan (excluding the conflict of law principles). Any claim or dispute, either with us, or related in some way to your use of the Service shall, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction by consent of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance. Your use of the Service may be also subject to any other local, domestic, or international laws.

Article 11. Indemnification

You shall indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from and against any claims, costs, damage, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) arising from or related to your breach of these Terms.

Date of Last Revision: July 31, 2019.




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