Pocket Change

We look for people who want to hack the real world and innovate the society.

We have been growing rapidly since we were born, however

Build the future with us. Join our journey to make the world better place.

Job types

  • Business development
  • Sales representative
  • Software Engineer - Android
  • Software Engineer - iOS
  • Software Engineer - Backend server (Common Lisp, Scala)
  • Software Engineer - Frontend (HTML, CSS, JS, React)
  • Software Engineer - Embeded system (C/C++ stm32 ESP32)
  • Hardware Engineer - Circuit design, KiCad
  • Hardware Engineer - Mechanical design (Exterior CAD)
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Marketing
  • Video creator
Customer Support
  • Customer Support
  • Legal
  • Production control
  • Accounting
  • General affairs



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